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Poached apples

Warm apples in a gently spiced syrup are as delicious over your favourite breakfast as they are by themselves.

Written by Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation
Peeled and diced fresh apple with cinnamon sticks and aromatic ground spice on a wooden spoon ready for use as baking or cooking ingredients
  • Serves: 6

  • Fresh from the garden: Apples, lemons

  • Season: Autumn/Winter

This is a very easy fruit-based dessert – once you’ve mastered the basics you can apply the technique to any fruit that is in season and experiment with flavours in the poaching liquid – what else could you add?


Nothing beats using your own fresh produce or materials around the house.
If you’re missing a thing or two, tick the items you need to add to your shopping list.


What to do

    1. Prepare all of the ingredients based on the instructions in the ingredients list.

    2. Cook the sugar, water and lemon in the large pot for about 5 minutes to form a syrup.

    3. Remove the lemon using the slotted spoon and bring the syrup to a simmer.

    4. Cook a few apple slices in the syrup at a time until tender. (Be careful not to overcook the apples; they should be tender, not mushy.)

    5. Place the cooked slices in the bowl.

    6. Continue cooking the rest of the apple slices. Add more water to the syrup as needed.

    7. When all the apple slices are cooked and in the bowl, pour the syrup over them.

    8. Grate over a sprinkling of nutmeg before serving.

Written by Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is a not-for-profit charity whose vision is to see children form positive food habits for life. The Foundation provides the inspiration, information, professional development and support for educational institutions to deliver pleasurable food education, in conjunction with educators, partners and the wider community.

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