When you sign up for discounted corporate hospital and extras by 30 November 2015

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If you’re eligible, you could enjoy health cover that’s easy to make the most of.

Combined Extras Limit

Staying healthy shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we’ve made extras simple. We give you a combined limit you can use how you want on included extras, plus a separate amount for optical. If you need lots of physio, use it all on physio. If you want to spread it between dental and chiro, go for it. They’re your extras, use them your way. What could be simpler?


Claim anywhere

With Medibank Corporate cover, you can claim back on included extras, at any recognised provider you like. So if you’ve been seeing the same dentist since you were 4, we won’t make you stop now. If they work for you, that works for us.

Get discount

We've partnered with your employer to offer a special discount for you. So you can enjoy better health at a better price.

100% back on optical

Not all insurance covers 100% of optical claims, which means you have to pull out your credit card and cover the difference. Medibank Corporate cover will reimburse you for 100% of your optical cost on eligible items, up to your annual limit.

* For new members on new memberships. Must set up direct debit or payroll and pay first month, or pre-pay 6 months. Only available on Corporate Hospital Basics, Corporate Hospital Mid, Corporate Hospital Established, Corporate Hospital Premier, Flexi 60, Flexi 70 and Flexi 80 covers. Singles and single parent families receive a $100 voucher, couples and families receive a $200 voucher. Gift cards are issued up to 8 weeks after joining, to use your gift card, you must activate within 3 months from the date of issue. The card will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue. Member must meet eligibility criteria on the date Medibank sends offer redemption instructions. Gift cards terms and conditions apply – see www.giftcards.com.au/Gift-Card-Terms-of-Use.aspx for details. Not available with any other offer. Waiting periods apply.

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