Support when you need it

When it comes to your health, we have a range of services, programs, tools and information to help you protect your incredible body and mind every step of the way.

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Going to hospital?

If you're planning a hospital visit, talk to us first to understand what's included in your cover, what choices you have for care and recovery, and how you could reduce your out-of-pocket costs. 


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Growing your family?

Discover useful information about planning for a baby, pregnancy and the journey into parenthood. Explore your options for care and birth, costs, fertility and IVF, early parenting advice and tips from medical professionals.

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Looking for mental health support?

Whether you're looking for information or support when it comes to mental health, our guide can help you make informed choices, understand symptoms and treatment options and connect you to specialised support and resources.


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Need support managing your health?

Discover our range of health and wellbeing programs, including services designed to offer health advice and support, assist with the management of chronic health conditions, and programs for accessing selected treatments in your home.

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Worried about COVID-19?

Whether you're directly impacted by COVID-19, looking for advice on how to deal with social distancing, or wondering how you can access the healthcare you require, we're here to assist.

Call us on 132 331

Speak to one of our friendly staff about your cover and going to hospital.

Login to My Medibank

Manage your cover on the go via My Medibank or via the app.

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Things you should know

While we hope you find this information helpful, please note that it is general in nature. It is not health advice, and is not tailored to meet your individual health needs. You should always consult a trusted health professional before making decisions about your health care. While we have prepared the information carefully, we can’t guarantee that it is accurate, complete or up-to-date. And while we may mention goods or services provided by others, we aren’t specifically endorsing them and can’t accept responsibility for them. For these reasons we are unable to accept responsibility for any loss that may be sustained from acting on this information (subject to applicable consumer guarantees).