Cat health centre

Whether you’ve got a new kitten or an older cat there is some useful information available here to help you keep your feline in tip-top condition.

Handy hints when owning a kitten or cat

Our cat health centre has some general advice about exercise, diet and general health to help you keep your feline in tip-top condition.

A man cuddling a cat looking at the mobile phone together

General health

Looking after your cat requires love and affection … and lots of it. A happy cat is more likely to be a healthy cat.

A grey kitten laying on a sofa


It might seem that cats appear perfectly happy spending most of their time sleeping, but it’s important for their health and wellbeing that you add physical activity into their lives.

A cat eating from a food bowl in a room


Cats are carnivores, and so unlike some dogs they cannot live a long and healthy life on a purely vegetarian diet – they must eat meat.

A cat playing with small yarn balls


Even if you have a cat that spends lots of time outdoors it’s a good idea to have a litter tray inside. Cats, with their proud, fastidious nature, are generally very easy to toilet train.

A cute kitten laying on an orange blanket


Whether you’re bringing a new kitten home or adopting a newborn kitten from your own cat’s litter, it’s important to have a calm environment for them to settle into.

A mature cat walking across the room

Older cats

Cats are considered middle-aged when they reach seven years and are seniors at ten. With medical advances and better nutrition it is quite common for cats to live for more than 15 years.


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