Cats are carnivores, and therefore unlike some dogs they cannot live a long and healthy life on a purely vegetarian diet - their bodies require meat.

At around 12 months of age your cat should be ready for an adult diet which should be a combination of a high quality commercial cat food and natural foods including fresh raw meat. Your vet can recommend a suitable diet for your cat based on their age, health and general dietary requirements.

What to feed your cat

Most cats enjoy a combination of wet and dry food. A great option is to always have a bowl of dry food out that they can snack on as they please, and a separate bowl for a serve of wet food once or twice a day. It’s ideal to serve all food at room temperature so your cat can smell and taste it properly, and make sure to remove uneaten portions of wet food and clean the bowl after your kitty has finished their meal time. Always have a large ceramic or metal bowl filled with fresh water next to the food.

How often?

Cats are the ultimate grazers! You’ll find they want to visit their food bowl several times a day. You may not be there to feed them every single time they come searching for snacks, but as a general rule smaller amounts served more often is a good way to go.

Cat milk

It’s well-known that cats love milk. And while it might be true that they enjoy drinking it, their digestive system finds it difficult to process the cow’s milk that humans consume, even if you mix it with water. You should only give your cat specially formulated cat’s milk, which you’ll find in the pet section of most supermarkets, or ask your vet for their preferred brand.

Things you should know

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