Supplier partnerships

Medibank is committed to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement. At Medibank we are proud to be actively exploring opportunities to engage with suppliers with clear commitment around gender equality, cultural diversity, people with disabilities, and LGBTI inclusion.

Furthermore, it is our corporate policy to offer indigenous businesses and Supply Nation registered suppliers an equal opportunity to engage with us.

At Medibank we believe in enhancing our partnerships with suppliers who meet our performance standards, which include:

  • Competitive pricing and cost saving initiatives
  • On-time delivery
  • Product/service level quality assurance
  • Proven financial viability
  • Compliance with relevant legislation and Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Value added capabilities
  • Commitment to health and safety
  • Sensitivity to brand reputation

Please note this section applies to suppliers of general goods and services. If you are a provider for Hospital, Medical or Ancillary Services, please go to Info for Health Care Providers.

Standard Terms & Conditions

All invoices must reference a Purchase Order or contract number to ensure timely payment to suppliers. Medibank Purchase Orders are governed by the General Terms and Conditions. Medibank will reject invoices that do not reference a Purchase Order or a contract number.

How to become a potential supplier (for suppliers we are not transacting with)

Suppliers wanting to transact with Medibank or participate in competitive sourcing events can do so by requesting an invitation to register on our procurement platform.

Please note Medibank does not accept unsolicited registration requests. You may email detailing your capabilities, however please note this does not guarantee prequalification or any business. Medibank requires the following basic information as a minimum to identify our suppliers:

  • Company Address
  • ABN
  • Number of full time equivalent employees
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Categories of goods/services of interest for supply to Medibank

Medibank Procurement Platform (for suppliers we are transacting with)

Medibank uses Ariba as our procurement platform to manage our supply base for supplier prequalification, sourcing and contract management as well as processing all transactions for procure-to-pay.

Medibank’s preferred method of transacting is electronically via our procurement platform and there are various enablement options available to suppliers. Contact us today at to collaborate with our supplier enablement team and find out the best solution for you.

Click here to view the Supplier FAQ for Standard Account


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