Sustainable procurement

Please note this section applies to suppliers of general goods and services. If you are a provider for Hospital, Medical or Ancillary Services, please refer to Info for Health Care Providers.

Medibank is committed to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement. We seek to work with suppliers who align with our objectives around gender equality, cultural diversity, LGBTQI+ diversity, opportunities for people with disabilities, environmental sustainability, social trade and ethical practices. We value innovation and mutually beneficial supplier relationships and support optimal relations through on-time payments.

Supplier diversity and inclusion

We believe that by supporting diversity and inclusion throughout our business, we can better serve our customers and our people and provide a more inclusive health and wellbeing experience for our community.  It’s why we encourage the engagement of suppliers who are owned by and / or significantly employ diverse, underrepresented or vulnerable peoples.

In submissions, we encourage prospective suppliers to highlight their organisation’s diversity and inclusion credentials, social trade goals and that of their suppliers and subcontractors. This may include, but not be limited to:

  • Supply Nation registration/certification (or ≥50% Indigenous ownership confirmation)
  • Social Traders registered business (or confirmation of a current and ongoing social trade program)
  • BuyAbility registered disability employment business (or confirmation of significant disability employment)

Refer to Medibank’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Ethical and sustainable supply

To create a sustainable future for all, we want to work with suppliers who share our commitment to ethical behaviour, human rights, economic stability and environmental sustainability, and we regard these qualities highly in our evaluations.

When engaging with Medibank, we expect existing and potential suppliers to:

  • understand and comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct
  • participate in reasonable requests for information such as:
    • responsible sourcing questionnaire
    • provide copies of risk assessments and compliance artefacts

Refer to our Supplier Guide: Human Rights and Modern Slavery for information on how Medibank works with suppliers for ethical supply chain outcomes.

On-time payment to our suppliers

To facilitate on-time payment of our suppliers, all invoices must reference a purchase order or contract number. Medibank purchase orders are governed by our general terms and conditions and our standard payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice. 


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