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Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander:
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Fun food education initiatives.

It takes a village to raise a healthy child. That’s why we’ve started Healthy Kids and partnered with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation to grow a healthy community and share the love of food.


Cooking and preparing delicious meals should be fun for the whole family. Discover recipes and get creative in the kitchen, preparing seasonal food from scratch.


Learning to grow fresh produce is the first step towards healthy habits. Grow a family of green thumbs with hands on activities for the garden.



There's nothing like hands on experience to help you learn. We believe in integrating learning possibilities for kids of all ages in the kitchen and garden.

Schools and centres

Sow the seed of pleasurable food education at your school or centre and reap the benefits of growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing, fresh, seasonal, delicious food.

How to make berry granita

Featured article image

Pumpkin and honey bread recipe

Pumpkin and Honey Bread

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Steamed chicken, ginger and vegetable wontons recipe

Little parcels of mouthwatering goodness.

Join the kitchen garden community

Keep up with the latest news and recipes from the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, fresh from the veggie patch!


Eggshell planters

An eggcellent way to plant your root veggies. Read more

Create your own worm farm

Build your very own worm farm with recycled materials. Read more

DIY recycled planters

Think outside the planter box and use recycled materials. Read more

Plant the first seed of a kitchen garden program in your school or centre.

If you want to have fun in the garden and cook delicious dishes in the kitchen at your school or centre - we want to hear from you!

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