10 healthy festive recipes

Trying to be healthy during the festive season can be tough. We’ve got 10 delicious summer recipes to help keep you healthy whilst celebrating.

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Cauliflower, pomegranate and pistachio salad

The festive season pretty much revolves around overindulgence. Whether you’ve been on the champagne train or filling your boots at yet another lunch, it’s easy to end your summer break feeling bloated, tired and struggling to do up your jeans.

If you’re looking for a way to eat, drink and be merry without feeling rubbish at the end of it, take a look at our 10 delicious, healthy recipes to keep you feeling great over party season.

Grab yourself a mocktail

Sometimes it can feel like times of celebration and alcohol go hand in hand. But our favourite tipples often come at a price: from hidden calories to the wide ranging effects of the dreaded hangover. So why not switch some of your cocktails for these healthier mocktails. You’ll thank us for it in the morning!

Mint and lemon cooler recipe

Raspberry bliss cooler recipe

Lemonade or mojito cocktail with lemon and mint, cold refreshing drink or beverage with ice

Get your greens in

Adding a colourful salad to the mix is an easy way to up the health benefits of a festive barbecue.

Salad can be so much more than leaves upon leaves. This cauliflower, pomegranate and pistachio salad recipe is packed with healthy ingredients and completely delicious.

Or get creative and use up your leftovers in one go with this salad of the imagination recipe, guaranteed to be a hit in every household.

Cauliflower, pomegranate and pistachio salad recipe

Salad of the imagination recipe

Make some healthy swaps

Party food isn’t renowned for being healthy, but swapping in some lighter alternatives could leave you and your guests feeling better at the end of the night.

Try these Vietnamese rice paper rolls, you can fill them with any veggies you like and they make a great alternative to sausage rolls or greasy pastries.

Alternatively these vegetarian nachos are a great party snack and are much healthier than the classic cheese-loaded dish.

Vietnamese rice paper rolls recipe

Healthy vegetarian nachos recipe

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Get grilling

Being healthy over the festive season doesn’t mean you need to forgo your favourites; and that includes the classic summer barbecue.

Why not put a nutritious twist on an old classic and try this grilled snapper recipe, delicious enjoyed straight off the grill.

You can even throw some fruit in; this recipe of grilled peaches with vanilla ricotta feels so indulgent without loads of added sugar.

Grilled snapper, charred corn, almond and buckwheat tabouli recipe

Grilled peaches with vanilla ricotta recipe

Keep dessert light (on the sugar)

No festive meal would be complete without a delicious dessert and these lower sugar alternatives mean you really can have your cake and eat it too.

On the subject of cake, why not whip up these mini chocolate cakes? Naturally sweet and full of the creamy flavours of vanilla, coconut and almond, these cakes by model Natascha Elisa are the perfect little treat.

These strawberry parfaits are bursting with natural sweetness and they’re vegan too!

A hot day calls for light, refreshing dessert option. Grab some fresh berries and mint and whip up this super easy raspberry granita.

Mini chocolate cakes recipe

Strawberry parfaits with pomegranate and pistachio recipe

Berry granita recipe

Written by Editor Medibank

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