10 healthy recipes to enjoy this festive season

Trying to be healthy during the festive season can be tough. We’ve rounded up 10 of our most delicious summer recipes for you to make it easier.

Written by Editor Medibank

The festive season pretty much revolves around overindulgence. Whether you’ve been on the champagne train or filling your boots at yet another lunch, it’s easy to end your summer break feeling tired and sluggish.

If you’re looking for a way to eat, drink and be merry without feeling rubbish at the end of it, read on for delicious, healthy recipes.

Scrumptious starters

Party food isn’t renowned for being healthy, but swapping in some lighter alternatives will leave you and your guests feeling better at the end of the night.

Zesty lemon grilled calamari with garlic recipe

Deliciously fresh and light, perfect for festive feasts.

Crispy fish tacos with pineapple slaw and chipotle cream

You can make this dish gluten-free, vegetarian or even vegan with some simple swaps!

Asparagus, leek and pea tart recipe

Asparagus, leek and pea tart is a delicious and easy dish for festive lunches and dinners.

A plate of cauliflower tacos with creamy avocado slices and crisp purple cabbage on blue corn tortillas, accented with halved cherry tomatoes and a lime wedge, alongside a bowl of chipotle cream.

Add some colour to your festive menu

Salad can be so much more than leaves upon leaves. Get creative in the kitchen with these nourishing, colourful sides.

Vietnamese salad recipe

A healthy side to any dish, bursting with flavour.

Watermelon, pomegranate and olive salad recipe

A simple and refreshing salad that will soon become your summer favourite.

A vibrant Vietnamese salad with shredded carrots, bean sprouts, fried onions, and herbs in a white bowl with chopsticks, ready to be enjoyed.

Light and bright mains

Being healthy over the festive season doesn’t mean compromising on taste. These delightful summer dishes are packed full of flavour and texture:

Satay salmon with crunchy cucumber and herb salad recipe

The perfect blend of fresh, juicy and creamy flavours, with a little kick of spice.

Cherry quinoa salad with lamb recipe

Cherries are one seasonal superfruit you don't want to miss out on. Here's a delicious take on a lamb salad.

Grilled chicken with mango and avocado salsa recipe

The flavour of the mango, lime and coriander work perfectly together to add a taste of summer to any meal.

Grilled satay salmon fillets topped with a crunchy cucumber and herb salad, presented on a textured blue mat, accompanied by a bowl of rich, spicy satay sauce on the side, ready to be drizzled over the fish.

For the sweet tooth

No festive meal would be complete without a delicious dessert and these lower sugar alternatives mean you really can have your cake and eat it too.

10 delicious, low-sugar desserts

Desserts so delicious and fresh, you won't even notice they are low-sugar.

Homemade peach popsicles on a plate, set against a rustic blue wooden surface, giving a summertime vibe.

Refreshing mocktail sips

Sometimes it can feel like times of celebration and alcohol go hand in hand. But our favourite tipples often come at a price: from hidden calories to the wide ranging effects of the dreaded hangover. So why not switch some of your cocktails for these healthier mocktails. You’ll thank us for it in the morning!

Mocktail recipes: Five of the best

Looking to cut back? Here are our five favourite mocktail recipes.

A refreshing mocktail with ice, sliced strawberries, blueberries, and lime in a glass, set on a golden tray beside bowls of fresh berries, with a pitcher of the same drink in the background.

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Written by Editor Medibank

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