Grilled chicken with mango and avocado salsa recipe

The flavour of the mango, lime and coriander work perfectly together to add a taste of summer to any meal.

Written by Melanie Moffatt


  • Chicken marinade

What to do

  • Chicken preparation

  • Mango salsa preparation

Tip: Add crushed macadamia nuts to the salsa for some extra crunch. Serve with lime wedges and extra coriander to garnish the meal.

The mango, lime and coriander give the meal a summery fresh taste while the ginger, chilli and garlic give it an extra kick. It’s also an easy, fail proof dish I know I can serve when people are coming over that always gets lots of smiles and empty plates. It can also be served with salmon, barramundi, prawns, corn chips or grilled tempeh. I hope you find it on rotation in your home too!

Written by Melanie Moffatt

Melanie Moffatt is a corporate health and wellbeing specialist, nutritionist and accidental recipe creator. She is passionate about delivering human-centric wellbeing solutions to create happier and healthier workplaces. 

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