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    Working to achieve better health

    What is it like to work in a role that directly helps people achieve better health?

    There are many jobs that contribute to better health and the people who undertake them are generally very passionate about what they do. It must be a rewarding experience to be part of someone’s journey to a healthier life…

    We ask people working in jobs that contribute to better health to describe their experience and share why they do what they do.


    Employer: Medibank

    Job Title: Hospital Liaison Representative

    Job Description:

    My role is focused on supporting Medibank members during their stay in hospital. I provide help and guidance on the benefits patients are entitled to as members of Medibank. These benefits may be from their private health insurance policy or part of the Mi Health range of health support services.

    How does your job contribute to better health?

    Medibank has some fantastic services that bring people closer to achieving their health goals – and I can introduce these to our members. I like to think that the little things can make a difference, even if it just means taking the headache out of making a claim, or adding a newborn baby to a membership on the spot.

    What do you love about your job?

    Even though Medibank members are experiencing a stay in hospital, it’s wonderful to be able to make things a little bit better. They feel relief when they understand how they are covered and are reassured to know what is available to help them get well.

    Highlights in providing better health outcomes:

    For me, putting people in touch with innovative ways to bring about better health has been a real highlight. Mi Health provides some extremely useful tools, some of these include the Online Wellness Record, which gives people a place to start or the Health Apps for smart phones, which bring a bit of technology into the mix. I really enjoy being able to show services like these to Medibank members because it’s often a pleasant surprise they didn’t expect.

    From your work experience what health tips do you have?

    Ask lots of questions! If you don’t understand the answer, ask again. I believe that everybody should get involved in their own health care by keeping as informed as possible.


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