You’re only human

Of all the strange sayings in the world, none are stranger than that one. Human, you are incredible!

Written by Editor Medibank
“Only human”.
That’s a strange thing to say.
As if ending up human was a disappointment … some form of cosmic lottery that you lost.
When did that happen?

When did being able to jump, walk, talk, sing, read with our fingers, cook, dance, swim, learn multiple languages, hop, be nimble in a wheelchair, understand algebra, laugh, cry, work out the stopping distance of our car driving at 60mph or invent words like “flux capacitor” become average?

Each and everyone of us is a living, breathing vessel of incredible.

Able to embrace, overcome or thrive in whatever situation or circumstance we are placed in.

Yes, others may do it in different ways.

Sure, it may hurt or be challenging along the way.

But nothing we do is ever average, because everything we do is a celebration of us.

But it didn’t start that way.

We’ve all had to learn, fail, evolve, adapt and conquer everything we’ve done and achieved.

We’ve all experienced bad days, good days and days we have surprised ourselves at how things have turned out.

We’ve all proven there’s never such a thing as ‘only human’.

But none of this is down to luck.

We may put it down to the cosmic lottery of life … or the occasional good nights sleep … or even dry July … but at the heart of all we are is our health.

That thing that enables us to do all we do.

Work late for that big meeting.

Keep calm when we homeschool.

Recover from broken bones, colds and the life and challenges of life.

We may not always appreciate it.

We may not always recognise it.

We may not always respect it or treat it properly.

But health doesn’t just help us function, it enables our individual potential.

While other companies talk about health in universal terms, we’ve always known it’s personal.

Since 1976, we’ve been helping our members see their health as more than just a way to live, but the way to live better.

Live Better, you beauty.

Live Better was created to support everyone in Australia to enjoy the things they do every day, with tools to help you eat, move, and feel healthier.

Written by Editor Medibank

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