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How essential oils can help you relax and recharge

Soothe your mind and boost your vitality with beautiful, natural scents.

Essential oils are natural plant extracts with beautiful, soothing scents. They have long been used to help people relax, rejuvenate and boost their sense of wellbeing.

To get the best results, choose good quality oils – that is, 100% pure essential oils. Many oils available on the market are synthetic versions or are diluted with other oils or composites. To make sure your oils are 100% pure in quality check the label. The ingredients should contain nothing other than the oils listed.

How to use essential oils

There are a few different ways you can use essential oils. Two of the most popular are aromatically and topically (on the skin).


To use essential oils aromatically the best way is to use a diffuser. A diffuser uses water to create a mist or vapour and does not use heat or a flame, so it’s safer to use in a family or work environment than an oil burner. Many diffusers also come with timers, so it’s easy to regulate how long the oil is used within the environment.

On the skin

To use essential oils topically it is recommended to use a carrier oil such as coconut or almond oil. You simply mix the carrier oil of your choice with a few drops of essential oil. Using a carrier oil minimises any likelihood of sensitivity on the skin.

“Popping a few drops of wild orange oil into the diffuser always gives me a boost of energy, helping to avoid the dreaded 3:30-itis.”

Essential oils for self care

Here are some of my favourite ways to use essential oils to feel relaxed and recharged.

1. To relax at night

A drop of lavender oil on my pillow always helps me get a great night’s sleep.

2. To wake up fresh

I love eucalyptus oil to clear my airways in the morning. Simply pop a few drops into the bottom of the shower and let the steam do the rest.

3. To recharge in the afternoon

Popping a few drops of wild orange oil into the diffuser always gives me a boost of energy, helping to avoid the dreaded 3:30-itis.

4. To relieve stress

When faced with busy deadlines, I use coconut oil and a grounding blend to keep calm and collected. Simply apply to the skin before a busy day.


5. To give yourself a massage

There’s nothing like an aromatic massage with a blend of frankincense, lavender and wild orange oil in coconut oil. Start at the feet and massage up towards the heart. This beautiful practice leaves you feeling moisturised, smelling amazing and feeling focused, alert and calm – the ultimate act of self care.

Email Tania to learn about her introductory essential oil workshops in Melbourne.

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