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Get inspired to live an active, nourished life from the latest books on our shelf this winter

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Yinyoga by Ulrica Norberg

Stretch out your body, soothe your mind, and learn to balance yin and yang with guidance from renowned yoga teacher Ulrica Norberg. In this warm and accessible book, Ulrica shows you how to develop a Yinyoga practice, made up of slow, gentle poses designed to improve the flow of qi (or chi, the life force central to Taoist practice that is thought to be essential for inner wellbeing).

In Yinyoga, each posture is moved through mindfully, allowing the body to stretch out and for circulation to improve. “When we can attain inner stillness for a couple of minutes daily, we can get better perspective on where we are in life and how life plays out both within and without,” Ulrica explains. “Through the practice of Yinyoga, one targets the fascia/connective tissue in the body, which makes it a marvellously therapeutic tool for healing bodily, mental, and emotional imbalances.” For anyone who wants to become more centred in their life, this can certainly be a relaxing and rejuvenating practice.

Throughout the book, Ulrica shares her experiences and insights into adapting the principles of Yinyoga to everyday life. With photographs and clear descriptions to help illustrate proper alignment, she offers an easy-to-follow guide that helps readers to develop their own individualised yoga practice, incorporating Yinyoga flow, visualisation techniques and Ayurveda health principles.

Find out more at rockpoolpublishing.com.au or read more from Ulrica Norberg about Yinyoga practice.****

Bean Cooking by Linda Turner and Diane Newsom

Borlotti beans, broad beans, butter beans, kidney beans, even coffee and vanilla beans… beans make a versatile bunch, and one that’s packed full of protein, fibre, nutrients and flavour. This lively cookbook celebrates the goodness of beans, bringing together over 80 delicious and simple recipes – from soups, salads and mains to healthy desserts and snacks – that are perfect for vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers alike.

Bean Cooking is a collaborative project between Diane Newsom, whose 30 years in the travel industry has given her a wealth of food knowledge, and Linda Turner, who in the 90s set up and owned a chain of health food restaurants named Healthy Morsels. Together, they believe in the health benefits of cooking with beans and using them as part of an everyday balanced diet. This cookbook brings together their passion, knowledge and ideas in easy-to-follow recipes that showcase just how delicious and diverse beans can be.

It’s hard to pick a favourite recipe – but we love these couscous and cannellini bean burgers and prawns with cannellini beans and rocket pesto – both of which prove beans are anything but boring.

Find out more at newholland.com.au

My Prime Time by Nelson Apsen

Being a grown up isn’t so bad. The middle years of life might even be your most invigorating, enjoyable and fulfilling – your prime time, you might say. For entertainment reporter, caberet performer and author Nelson Apsen, this is certainly the case. In this funny and light-hearted memoir, he makes a vibrant and compelling argument for why middle age is just the beginning.

Nelson wrote this book in the lead up to his 50th birthday, looking back over his life so far and reflecting on what makes the ‘middle years’ such an energising time. From eating well to exercising to learning to stop and appreciate the good things, he shares some gems of wisdom he has gleaned to help you get the most out of this satisfying phase of life. “Most of all,” he says, “I want to share the joyful experiences I find that life has to offer as we get older. ‘You’re not getting older, you’re getting better’ may have become a cliché, but only because it’s true.”

He also looks to the examples of his favourite ‘grown up’ celebrity faces he has interviewed over the years, taking inspiration from the likes of George Clooney, Dick Van Dyke. Julianne Moore, Harry Connick Jr, Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt on how to live well.

Whether you’re approaching ‘the middle years’ or already living them, this witty and enjoyable book is sure to provide inspiration for taking life with both hands and living the best you can.

Huey's All-Time Favourites

Melbourne restaurateur Iain ‘Huey’ Hewitson knows good food. In this colourful collection, the host of Huey’s Cooking Adventures and Huey’s Kitchen shares some of his favourite dishes, along with stories and memories of restaurants past and the lessons our favourite moustachioed chef has learned along the way.

Each chapter covers a different type of produce, from sausages to eggplant to sardines to bread, with a selection of recipes showing you how to get the most out of these delicious foods. Written the relaxed, straightforward style that has made Huey such a well-loved household name, these recipes are easy to follow, making it simple to create fantastic meals for family and friends.

Check out Huey’s baked vanilla fruits with coconut custard or panfried snapper with a summery asparagus stew recipes for a taste of what’s inside.

Find out more at newholland.com.au

Written by Medibank

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