Health books: August

The latest healthy books inspiring us in the kitchen.

Written by Medibank

Superfoods by Rena Patten

For Rena Patten, there are seven essential ingredients you should always have in your kitchen: broccoli, kale, amaranth, chia, seaweed, quinoa and raw cacao. In this new cookbook, out now from New Holland Publishers, she explains why these foods are considered “superfoods” – ingredients that are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other nutrients – and provides easy-to-follow recipes that bring these nourishing powerhouses to life. Both everyday recipes and those for impressing guests are featured, with beautiful photographs that certainly make eating well look enticing.

Eat with Love by Samira El Khafir

“My first memory of my mother’s cooking was when she would make her beautiful, Lebanese sweets – I would come home from school and the whole house would smell like rose water and orange blossom.” These memories are at the heart of Samira El Khafir’s delightful first cookbook, available now from New Holland Publishers. Capturing the MasterChef runner-up’s love for Middle Eastern cuisine, her family heritage and her passion for home cooking, the book brings together infusions, flavours and techniques that were influenced by her multicultural upbringing and, in particular, the lessons learned from her mother. From mezze sharing plates to satisfying mains to delectable desserts, Eat With Love is a beautifully presented book that makes it simple to introduce the tastes of the Middle East into your kitchen.


A Homegrown Table by Emma Dean

Growing up on a farm in Bendigo, Emma Dean learned to love growing and cooking fresh, organic food at an early age. In her first cookbook, A Homegrown Table, the MasterChef winner collects over 100 of her favourite recipes, capturing her passion for local produce and the art of creating delicious meals from garden to table. With Emma’s love of urban foraging and enthusiasm for mixing in adventurous ingredients with the classics, this beautiful book offers up dishes that are both surprising and comforting. From artichoke chips to tea-smoked salmon to her granny’s yo-yos, A Homegrown table has no shortage of delectable treasures.


Natural Remedies: An A-Z of cures for health and wellbeing by Mim Beim

As one of Australia’s most respected naturopaths, Mim Beim believes in better health and vitality through natural remedies – many of which can be found in the kitchen cupboards or the backyard. In this comprehensive reference guide, she takes a look at over 200 common ailments, from the common cold, to premenstrual tension, to burns, and suggests natural treatments that may help provide relief. A blend of evidence-based natural remedies, treatments that have been used by herbalists and natural therapists for centuries, and the things Mim has found helpful for herself and her clients are all presented, offering a range of potential solutions to alleviate common health problems, along with ideas for boosting the immune system, alleviating stress and increasing energy levels.


Written by Medibank

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