7 apps to make you happier

Boost your mood and release stress with these clever apps.

Written by Medibank

1. Gratitude Journal

$4.49 – iOS

Take five minutes out to jot down what you're grateful for today. This app makes it easy to build a daily gratitude habit, unleashing good feelings and helping you reframe your outlook on life.

2. The 7-minute workout

Free – iOS; Android

A quick burst of exercise will get those feel-good endorphins flowing, releasing stress and lifting your mood. Do these 12 simple bodyweight exercises anywhere, whenever you can sneak it into your day.

3. Pacifica

Free – iOS; Android

Relieve stress and anxiety with mood and health tracking, daily goals and relaxation exercises based on cognitive behavioural therapy and meditation.

4. Headspace

Free trial, then from $7.95 a month – iOS, Android

Set aside 10 minutes a day to quiet your mind with guided meditations. Short videos offer advice on common meditation problems, like getting frustrated or falling asleep.

5. Remente

Free – iOS; Android

Like a life coach in your pocket, this app helps you set goals, improve your motivation and reduce stress through systems developed for businesses and world class athletes.

6. Jiyo

Free – iOS; Android

Your personal wellbeing companion. Nourish your mind, body and spirit with daily activities, articles and an online community founded by wellness guru Deepak Chopra.

7. Happify

Free – iOS; Android

Play games and activities to overcome negative thoughts and build resilience. This clever, science-based app is full of fun, simple and effective exercises to get you feeling good every day.

Written by Medibank

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