7 best travel apps

Fill up your smartphone with these apps to make your trip even better.

Written by Medibank

1. Trip It

From flights to hotels to tours, restaurants and car rentals, travelling can get a little admin-heavy for those of us without personal assistants to keep track of it all for us! TripIt keeps all your travel plans, itineraries and bookings in the one place, so there’s no more searching through all your emails, day planner or bags to find the information you need, when you need it. Just forward all your confirmation emails to TripIt and it takes care of them for you – simple.

2. Wi-Fi Finder

Unless you’re prepared to spend big on data charges, Wi-Fi Finder will be your best friend when you travel. This app locates any free or paid wifi hotspots nearby and tells you how to get there. If there’s a provider you prefer, you can search just for spots serviced by that provider, or if you’re after a particular type of location (like a café, restaurant, library or hotel) you can filter the results by place as well.

3. Converted by Ideon

Currency, temperature, distance… whatever you want to convert, this slick and intuitive app does it for you. This is a great all-in-one conversion app that is simple to use, with comprehensive databases that keep up to date with daily changes. Though there are plenty of other conversion apps to choose from, this one is well worth the $4.99 price tag.

4. Foodspotting

Craving a particular flavour or dish, or just want to know where to get the best local meal around? Foodspotting is your go-to, with quick social recommendations for the tastiest food near you. Focusing on individual dishes rather than restaurants, it’s handy when you’re after something in particular, or when you’ve chosen a restaurant and want to know the best dish to order. You’ll be thanking your friends for all those 15-minute photoshoots over their laksa…

5. ImageIt

Travelling somewhere where you don’t know the local language? This ‘picture dictionary’ can be a handy way to get past the language barrier when you’re struggling to make yourself understood. Choose from more than 400 pictograms to help express what you want to say – or use it to play charades with your new backpacker friends.

6. Trip Advisor

Get recommendations for everything from hotels to restaurants to things to do with hundreds of thousands of reviews, ratings and suggestions. Book into restaurants directly through the app, and if you like to have your voice heard, leave your own reviews of your favourite experiences.

7. TravelSafe

Of course, we always hope for the best when we travel – but things can and do go wrong. TravelSafe is a smart tool to have in your pocket, providing quick access to emergency services including police, ambulance and fire departments, no matter where you are in the world. The location technology of your smartphone tells TravelSafe exactly where you are and displays it when you call emergency services, or allows you to send it in a text.

Bags packed and ready for your next adventure? Fill up your smartphone with these apps to make your trip even better.

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Written by Medibank

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