7 signs you're (sort of) an adult

It happens to all of us eventually.

Written by Medibank
How to tell if you’re a grown-up(ish).

1. Your house is clean

A messy floor-drobe used to be your style, but now you prefer your room tidy and your kitchen clean. Your mum might not be around to force you to do chores, but it’s okay because you do them anyway. Willingly! You even bug your housemates about doing them too. Who are you?

2. You buy nice appliances

The days of $7 toasters are over, because a grown up house needs grown up gadgets. You still wouldn’t pay full price for them, but come sales time you’re ready to pounce. Did you really need a $200 glass kettle? Of course not, nobody does. But it looks fancy and makes you feel like a boss, so you bought it anyway.

3. You can (sometimes) say no to a big night out

You still enjoy a good night out – but you’ve discovered moderation. You now know that guzzling wine on Sunday arvo means a killer hangover on Monday morning, and you suddenly want to start the week fresh. You might even swerve on a Saturday night out, because let’s be honest: dressing up is exhausting, the couch is comfy, and Netflix is basically free.

4. You’re always busy

Everyone's always saying millennials can’t commit to anything – but just look how full your iCal is. Your social circle has shrunk, but you swear you’re busier than ever, and it’s getting harder to fit fun stuff in. That said, it’s now easy to ghost on plans with friends because they do it all the time too.

5. You’re better with money

Buying a house might be a way off, but at least there’s cash in the bank. You know how to budget so you can afford the occasional splurge, and you even pay the rent on time. You’ve got a few hundred bucks in an emergency online only fund, but you’re not quite adult enough to sort out your superannuation. And don’t mention the credit card…

6. You eat your greens

Being an adult means you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. And if you wanna eat ice cream for dinner, then you’re gonna eat ice cream for dinner. It’s just going to be harder than it used to be to lose those extra ice cream kilos. And while you’re not quite a master chef, you now think takeaway is a treat, not a weeknight staple, and that pizza is a sometimes food. You can’t sous vide (who can?), but you can stir fry, and you know that a balanced meal doesn’t mean resting your plate on your stomach in front of the TV.

7. You keep (almost) healthy

These days you try to limit your coffee intake, exercise regularly and get to bed at a reasonable hour. You also talk a lot about how you try to limit your coffee intake, exercise regularly and get to bed at a reasonable hour. You drink more water than wine (at least on weeknights), and when you feel sick you go to the doctor. You still haven’t been to the dentist in years, but baby steps – you’ll get there.

Written by Medibank

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