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Meet my city: Sydney

Sydney local Adam tours us round the best places to swim, jog, cycle and find some peace and quiet.

Andrew Boy Charlton Pool, The Domain

With Woolloomooloo Bay on one side and the Royal Botanic Gardens on the other, this outdoor 50 m saltwater pool is a great local find to roll the arm over and punch out some laps. About halfway between home and the office, it’s in the perfect spot for a pre or post-work swim.

Athlete Lab, Sydney

When I first arrived in Sydney I was too put off by the hills and traffic to jump straight out on the bike. Wandering through the CBD one lunch break I noticed the Athlete Lab. Part lab, part spin and fully coached, it offers amazing facilities that take you on the trails of the Tour De France one day and through the bike stage of Ironman Cairns the next via the big screen. It’s a friendly, motivating environment, and I feel part of a local club full of like-minded riders.

Rushcutters Park, Rushcutters Bay

I am blessed to have Rushcutters Park at the bottom of my Sydney home. With the yachts bobbing about and the Harbour Bridge not far off in the distance, it’s a great place to keep active. You can run loops of the park itself – which is about 2.8km, ideal for a quick time trial – or extend out a few laps to rack up some distance. There is also an outdoor gym and stretching area, local cricket oval and public tennis courts.

McElhone Stairs, Potts Point

They say incidental exercise is the way to go, right? Well these stairs that I deal with to and from my way to work are certainly that. At last count there were 113 steps, but if I’ve ridden at the Lab before making the walk home it can feel like there are 213 steps. Every day there are people working out on these steps – walking, running, crawling, whatever it takes. The views of the bridge are worth it once you hit the top.

Fratelli Fresh, Potts Point

Pick up some delicious produce in this part-supermarket, part-bar, part-restaurant local gem in Potts Point. It has the best range of salads and pastas and a fantastic wine list. Easy for a weekday dinner or a weekend lunch, its simple, fresh Italian flavours hit the spot every time.

Centennial Park, Woollahra

This is Sydney’s answer to Central Park in NYC, Hyde Park in London and The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. You share the track around the park with runners, cyclists, walkers and the odd horse but it never feels crowded. A challenging distance with some nice inclines as you work your way around, the park has beautiful scenery and the hustle and bustle feels miles away while you exercise here.

Rapha, Surry Hills

There is no cooler cycling brand than Rapha. These Italian lads sure do have style. With a new spot in Surry Hills, it’s the meeting point for espresso, tuning the bike, ogling the latest apparel and starting and finishing local rides.

Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay

Mixing up swimming training with some time in the ocean is a nice way to keep things varied. Fenced off and generally pretty calm, the Murray Rose Pool is a picturesque little swimming hole where I can get some practice without following a black line. The view of the amazing homes scattered around shoreline provide a pretty nice distraction.

Darling Point

There’s a little spot in Darling Point that is my go-to destination for some quiet time and mindfulness. A short walk from home, it’s one of those places that feels like you’re the only person in the world who has discovered it. A park bench under a huge old tree makes it feel instantly serene and the lapping water and iconic views over Sydney Harbour Bridge just take your mind elsewhere.

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