be. magazine issue 24: Play

This issue explores the importance of creating, exploring and letting go. Read online or download for free now.

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When was the last time you made time to play?

We spend so much of our lives rushing around, juggling a million different priorities, goals and responsibilities. Finding the time for fun, relaxation and adventure is essential for our wellbeing. It’s a chance to breathe, explore and indulge in a childlike feeling of curiosity and joy.

This issue of be. magazine is about all the things that make life fun and fill you with sparkling energy. It’s about the importance of creating, experimenting, loosening up and letting go. A few things you’ll find inside:

Food – A diet for your mood, healthy party food ideas, safer alcohol drinking, food for kids, and recipes like satay salmon, turkey burgers, banana pancakes and mini carrot cakes.

Exercise – The rise of women’s football, making your workout a game, discovering dance, letting loose with yoga, treating sports injuries and active family play.

Wellbeing – Playful activities for kids, laughter yoga, travelling with a baby and keeping your pet entertained.

Written by Medibank

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