This issue explores the rhythms of our lives, and how to make them more vibrant, healthy and nourishing. Read online or download for free now.

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Our daily lives flow in a rhythm. We wake up, move our bodies, nourish with good food, sleep and repeat. And inside us, a complex symphony of processes all cycle through in perfect harmony.

This issue of be. magazine is all about the rhythms, routines and cycles that make up our lives. It’s about creating positive habits for health and wellbeing, understanding how our body works, and celebrating the joy of music, dance and movement.

A few things you’ll find inside:

Food – Understanding blood sugar, food to wake you up, gut health trends, and delicious recipes like Thai peanut noodles, antipasto barbecue chicken and cinnamon and cranberry granola.

Exercise – Life as a deaf dancer, a morning yoga routine, choosing the right sports bra, dance for babies, fitness on the commute, and understanding your running gait.

Wellbeing – Music for your mood, male fertility tips, self-care during pregnancy, eyes and blue light, how to quit smoking, napping and your sleep cycle, and finding calm in your day.