be. magazine issue 23: Space

This issue explores how the spaces we live, work and play in impact our wellbeing. Read online or download for free now.

Written by Medibank

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The spaces we live, work and play in can have a huge impact on how we feel. They can make us feel calm, revitalised, overwhelmed, tense, blissful, reflective – or something else entirely.

They can influence our moods, the way we move, what we eat, how we connect with one another. They can challenge us, and they can nourish us.

For this issue of be. magazine, we’re exploring different elements of our personal surroundings and their impact on our wellbeing. A few things you’ll find inside.

Food – Fill your kitchen with cosy winter flavours, choose better workplace snacks, navigate the supermarket like a dietitian, and enjoy delicious recipes.

Exercise – Explore hiking trails, overcome gym anxiety, try nightclub-inspired fitness classes, get active in your living room, and wind down with bedtime yoga.

Wellbeing – Create a calming sleep space, discover the benefits of nature engagement, learn about Medibank’s chemotherapy at home trial, and get tips for happy apartment pets.

Written by Medibank

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