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  • This is your free online learning space. Delivered by experts. Build up your knowledge about food, body and mind and empower yourself to live better each day.

    Feature courses

    Wellbeing and mindfulness

    Leading psychologist Emily Toner guides you through a series of lessons that provide a deeper understanding of what goes on…

    Read more

    During pregnancy

    In this series of three lessons, Obstetrician, Dr Danielle Wilkins guides you through what to expect through first, second and…

    Read more


    New parents

    In this series of lessons, Obstetrician, Dr Danielle Wilkins takes you through what to know… Read more


    Physical health

    Health expert Dr Bridie O’Donnell gives you an introduction to the human body, with a… Read more


    Planning for pregnancy

    In this lesson, Obstetrician, Dr Danielle Wilkins guides you through what you need to know… Read more


    All about gut health

    In these three interactive lessons Billy Falkingham takes you through the fascinating process of digestion,… Read more

    Emily Toner

    Emily is a clinical psychologist with a research background in behavioural neuroscience and positive psychology.

    Dr Bridie O’Donnell

    Dr Bridie O’Donnell is a medical doctor and educator at Epworth Health Check, National and Oceania cycling champion and doctor on The Project.

    David Cameron-Smith

    Professor David Cameron-Smith is Chair in Nutrition at the Liggins Institute, University of Auckland.

    Billy Falkingham

    Billy Falkingham is the founder and editor of be. magazine, Medibank’s food, exercise and wellbeing publication.


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    7 ways pets make you healthier

    The facts behind your furry relationships

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    Healthy Living

    Pets make you healthier

    Dogs and cats improve our lives in many ways

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    Choosing a pet dog

    Deciding which breed’s right for you

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