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Understanding private health insurance can be tricky. This section is designed to help make things a little easier for you. It also gives you an overview of some of our key rules.

Things you should know

Medibank recommends that you should carefully read our fund Rules, the information on the website and any brochures or Standard information Statement available to you, and you should retain this information for future reference

About your membership with us

About Lifetime Health Cover (LHC)

About waiting periods

About pre-existing conditions

It's standard practice in the private health insurance industry to apply a waiting period of 12 months before benefits are payable for a pre-existing condition.

About benefit replacement periods

Other rules for paying benefits

About out-of-pocket expenses

Other important information

Ambulance services

How do orthodontic benefits work?

On most Medibank covers (check your cover summary), your orthodontic entitlement starts with an opening balance, which you can access once your 12 month waiting period is served. The balance is then topped up with an additional amount each 1 January (following the completion of your waiting period) up to a maximum lifetime limit.

The benefit you can claim (after waiting period) = Opening Balance + Any top ups - Any benefits ever claimed.

Benefits will only be paid towards dental and orthodontic treatments that are administered in person (not via phone or online), by a recognised provider.

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