Members' Choice


What is Member's Choice?

Better value, transparency of cost, and a wider range of available services. Just some of the benefits of choosing Members’ Choice, one of the largest health provider networks in Australia.

Members’ Choice Hospitals

Medibank has arrangements with most private hospitals and day surgeries in Australia, so members can generally get better value for covered treatments than if they were to go to a non-Members’ Choice hospital.

Members’ Choice extras providers

We’ve negotiated with a number of providers so you may enjoy better value when you need an extras service. Our Members' Choice extras network covers more types of services than any other private health insurer, and includes:

  • Dentists
  • Dental prosthetists
  • Optical retail outlets
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Remedial massage therapists

Benefits of visiting a Members' Choice provider

  • Capped prices so there are no surprises in your bill^
  • Discounts at optical retailers and for orthotics
  • Percentage back of charge. This could be 55%, 60%, 70%, 75%, 90% or 100% depending on your cover*
  • A wider range of extras services than other insurers
  • Generally lower out-of-pockets than non-Members' Choice providers
  • Free dental check-up and clean every year at any Members’ Choice dentist, over and above your annual dental limit (excludes x-rays. Two month waiting period applies. Members’ Choice providers not available in some areas).

Members’ Choice Advantage providers

We’ve established a new enhanced network of dental and optical providers so you may enjoy even better value when you need to use eligible extras services. Our Members’ Choice Advantage provider for optical products is Specsavers .You can locate Members’ Choice Advantage dental practices in our Find a Provider tool.

Benefits of visiting a Members’ Choice Advantage Dental provide

You can receive 100% back on two check-up and cleans, including up to four bitewing x-rays. Note: Limited to two dental check-ups on all extras annually**

You can also receive 100% back on a mouthguard each year, up to annual limits***

Benefits of visiting a Members’ Choice Advantage Optical provider

Medibank members with optical extras, regardless of their optical limit, who have met the relevant waiting periods and eligibility requirements will receive the below exclusive optical offers through Specsavers:

  • 100% back on 2 pairs of single vision glasses from the $249 range, regardless of their extras limit ****
  • 25% off single frames, if not part of the bundle, when they purchase from the $149 range and above
  • 25% off lens options, such as tint and coating
  • Multi-focals for $199 no gap with standard lenses
  • 5 live better points for every $1 spent at Specsavers stores. Excludes eye tests.

How does it work?

Here's an example of how you can do better with Members' Choice.

Elizabeth has Top Extras 75 cover and lives in NSW. The table below shows, typically, how much she can save when she visits a Members' Choice physiotherapist for a consultation.

  Members' Choice provider Non Members' Choice provider
Charge $76.00 (capped charge) $84.00#
Benefit payable $57.00 (75% of the charge) $40.00 (fixed benefit)
Out of pocket cost $19.00 $44.00

Benefits are subject to annual membership limits and waiting periods.

Our agreements with Members' Choice and Members' Choice Advantage providers are subject to change without notice. Please confirm prior to receiving treatment whether your provider is part of our Members’ Choice network.

You can search for your local Members' Choice providers.

For more information please call us on 132 331 or visit a Medibank store.

The information above is current at June 2021.

^ Excludes optical retail outlets.

Up to annual limits. Waiting periods apply. Members’ Choice providers are not available in some areas.

** Two month waiting period applies. Limited to two dental check-ups on all extras annually. Maximum two bitewing x-rays per check-up, where clinically needed. Not available in all areas.

*** Two month waiting period applies. Not available in all areas.

**** If your full annual optical limit (or more than $225 remaining of your limit) is not available at time of purchase, out of pocket costs may apply. Both pairs must be of the same prescription. Other lens options available at an extra cost.

Average Non-Members’ Choice charge in NSW for a subsequent physiotherapy consultation between January - September 2020.

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