Pregnancy health cover and costs

Thinking about having a baby? Here’s what you need to know about pregnancy health cover and costs.

Understand your options 

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning to have a baby. One of the first things on your list should be making sure you have the right level of cover to meet your healthcare expectations.

Medibank has a range of Growing Family packages to suit different needs, preferences and budgets for you as a private patient, whether in a public or private hospital. It’s important that you’re aware there is a 12-month waiting period for hospital admissions for pregnancy and birth. 

Talk to us about your pregnancy options

We have a range of growing family packages to suit different needs, preferences and budgets. So if you want to discuss your pregnancy options or your current level of cover, give us a call on 132 331.  

A pregnant couple reviewing their finances

Understanding your hospital birth options

Public or private? Choosing where to have your baby is a big decision. Here's what you can expect from each one.

A pregnant couple

Choosing health insurance for pregnancy

We have designed a range of packages to give you all the support you will need during your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Check your cover

If you’re looking to start or extend your family it’s worth checking if your current policy includes pregnancy. Log in to My Medibank or give us a call to discuss your options on 132 331.

How your extras cover can help during pregnancy

Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your body. Here’s how your extras cover can help. 

Shared maternity care              

What is shared maternity care? And could it help you reduce the cost of having a baby in the private health system?                                               

Adding a baby to your cover

Did you know that your health cover doesn’t automatically include your baby? This is important if your baby needs to be admitted to hospital as an inpatient.

Is it worth having private health insurance?

We look at how the private and public systems compare when it comes to some aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

Medibank health support and services

As a Medibank member with hospital cover, you get more than just health insurance. You get extra support, when you need it most.

24/7 Medibank Nurse

Health concerns keeping you up at night? With hospital cover you’re supported by Medibank nurses on our 24/7 Medibank Nurse phone service. ~


Medibank has partnered with Monash University to trial OptimalMe, a research program designed to help mums-to-be optimise their health before they conceive. The program featured tailored health and wellbeing tips and personal guidance on fitness and nutrition.

Health concierge

Eligible members with hospital cover can now talk to a member of our Health Concierge team for advice and guidance on preconception health, fertility, and how to have a healthy pregnancy, at no extra cost. #

Medibank has a wide range of health and wellbeing services to support eligible members who are planning on starting a family, expecting a new addition, or caring for their growing family.

Looking for more information?

Deciding you want to have a baby is just the start. If you want to do more research about pregnancy you can take a look at the topics below.

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Looking for something else?

Visit our Planning, Pregnancy and Parenthood homepage to find more tools and advice to help you at every stage of your journey.

Does your cover include pregnancy?

Take a look at some of our Growing Family packages and start by getting an online quote today or give us a call to talk through your options on 132 331. §

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Things you should know

§ Waiting periods apply, including 12 months for hospital admissions for pregnancy and birth.

~ OSHC members should call the Student Health and Support Line on 1800 887 283.

# Health Concierge is available to all eligible Medibank members who hold hospital cover. Excludes Overseas Visitor Health Cover, Working Visa Health Cover and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Some referred services may involve out of pocket costs.

While we hope you find this information helpful, please note that it is general in nature. It is not health advice, and is not tailored to meet your individual health needs. You should always consult a trusted health professional before making decisions about your health care. While we have prepared the information carefully, we can’t guarantee that it is accurate, complete or up-to-date. And while we may mention goods or services provided by others, we aren’t specifically endorsing them and can’t accept responsibility for them. For these reasons we are unable to accept responsibility for any loss that may be sustained from acting on this information (subject to applicable consumer guarantees).