Comparing your public and private hospital options

When it comes to choosing public or private healthcare it’s worth knowing the difference between the two.

Here, we explain the basic differences so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. 

Public hospital treatment 

Under Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare system, any Australian resident can be treated as a patient in a public hospital, usually free of charge. As a public patient, you can’t choose your own doctor and you may have to go onto the public waiting list for your procedure. Just how long you’ll have to wait varies depending on the treatment you’re receiving and where you live. 


Deciding on whether to go into private or public hospital

Private hospital treatment 

If you have private health insurance that includes hospital cover you can choose to be treated as a private patient at either a private or public hospital*. 

The table below outlines some of the key differences between public and private hospital treatment options. (Keep in mind that waiting lists for elective treatments may still apply.)

As a private patient, you will have more flexibility when it comes to your healthcare and can usually choose your own specialist, generally be seen quicker for elective procedures and decide when you’ll be treated. You can also request a private room depending on availability and clinical need.

It’s important to note however, that private patients may need to pay some out-of-pocket expenses. We recommend contacting us on 132 331 before booking in any treatment to make sure your procedure is included in your cover and to discuss any out of pockets



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Things you need to know

* This is provided the treatment is included under your policy and you have served your waiting period.

 ¹ The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report, ‘Elective Surgery Waiting Times 2017 -18: Australian hospital statistics.’ Released December 2018

While we hope you find this information helpful, please note that it is general in nature. It is not health advice, and is not tailored to meet your individual health needs. You should always consult a trusted health professional before making decisions about your health care. While we have prepared the information carefully, we can’t guarantee that it is accurate, complete or up-to-date. And while we may mention goods or services provided by others, we aren’t specifically endorsing them and can’t accept responsibility for them. For these reasons we are unable to accept responsibility for any loss that may be sustained from acting on this information (subject to applicable consumer guarantees). 

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