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How health cover can help you get fit

Can you use your private health insurance to improve your fitness?

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Moving more and improving your fitness can benefit your whole life – it can help you feel better and lower your risk of many chronic health conditions. Yet with the abundance of exercise options and information, it can all get a bit overwhelming– and that makes it hard to get started, or to find that extra motivation.

The good news is, if you have private health insurance, you may be able to use your cover to help.

Read on to find out how Medibank might be able to help you improve your fitness.

Discover Medibank’s Free + Active

If you are looking for free, fun and social activities to get your body moving, check out Medibank’s Free + Active. With events all around Australia, there’s bound to be something nearby. Once you start, it’s simple to keep going, especially when you get friends involved.

Explore discounted fitness options

If the gym is more your thing, find out how you can save up to 25% off casual gym visits with Medibank’s gym better  and 15% on your Goodlife Health Clubs’ Active Plus membership.

Or if you prefer the personalised support of a weight management program, you could also look at the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) – Medibank members can get 20% off!

Stay on track

Keep yourself motivated and record your gains with the latest in fitness technology and sports products. Medibank members has can get discounts on products such as fitbit trackers, aria scales and TomTom sports products – find out more about the offers here.

Get pain under control

If pain is holding you back from getting enough exercise, you could see a physiotherapist. A physio can provide treatment aimed to relieve the pain, as well as teaching you how to look after yourself and prevent future injuries.

Depending on your level of health cover, and whether you have extras, your private health insurance might be able to help with costs associated with your treatment. By choosing a Members’ Choice provider you can also be assured of getting a fixed percentage back on the total bill for included services, up to your annual limit and subject to any waiting periods – this could be 55%, 60%, 70%, 85% or even 100% depending on your cover. You can find your nearest Members’ Choice provider here.

Health and wellness advice and inspiration

If expert exercise advice is what you’re after – visit Medibank’s LiveBetter. Here you’ll find a wealth of information including expert articles, running guides, stretching guides and more. You can also discover health and wellness information and inspiration, online courses and delicious healthy recipe ideas.

Chat to a health expert

If you have any questions about your health in general, Medibank members with hospital cover can call the 24/7 Health Advice Line on 1800 644 325 to speak to one of our experienced Medibank nurses. All OSHC members can contact the Student Health and Support Line on 1800 887 283.


For more information, or to check that you have the best cover for you, talk to our team on 134 190 or chat to our friendly staff online 24/7 for advice and help with your health cover.

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