5 recipes with hidden vegetables (that the kids will love)

Discover our easy and healthy recipes that the kids will love.

Written by Editor Medibank

Do your kids refuse to eat their veggies? You’re not alone. Kids can be fussy with what they’ll eat, especially when it comes to vegetables.

If you’re looking for easy, healthy recipes for kids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got five recipes that kids will love, and are jam packed full of hidden veggies. Here are our top picks of what you can cook for picky eaters.

Seasonally scrumptious savoury muffins

This savoury muffin recipe is a winner when it comes to hiding veggies. No matter the season, there’s always something delicious to include. Why not try pumpkin during autumn and some asparagus in spring?

  • Why the kids will love this recipe: These healthy muffins will fill their tummies as they masquerade as a savoury treat.
  • Perfect for: Lunchboxes and after school snacks.

Recipe here.

Sweet but healthy zucchini bread

It’s a healthy bread disguised as a treat; the perfect recipe for fussy veggie eaters. Another great recipe for the lunch box, this recipe uses 2 zucchinis for added goodness. Serve with some fresh fruit and yoghurt to give your kids a complete meal.

  • Why the kids will love this recipe: It’s delicious, sweet and easy to eat.
  • Perfect for: Lunchboxes and after school snacks.

Recipe here.

Veggie-full spaghetti bolognese

Our spaghetti bolognese is an easy, healthy recipe for kids. A handy trick if you’ve got very fussy eaters: blitz up the veggies extra fine in a food processor before adding them to the pan — the kids will never even know there’s veggies hidden in the sauce.

  • Why the kids will love this recipe: It’s spaghetti bolognese — everyone's favourite — with the added benefit of extra veggies the kids will never know about.
  • Perfect for: Weeknight dinners.

Recipe here.

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Easy peasy vegetable gyoza

Packed full of onion, carrot, celery, cabbage and water chestnuts, our vegetable gyoza recipe is a healthy, kid-friendly dinner or snack. And while we know the hidden veggies are good for us, the best part of this recipe is getting the kids involved in the process of putting the gyozas together. If the kids like getting active in the kitchen, why not also try our oven baked spring rolls?

  • Why the kids will love this recipe: Gyoza are fun to make and to eat.
  • Perfect for: Weeknight dinners or weekend lunches.

Recipe here.

Veggie fritters for all tastes

Always a crowd pleaser, veggie fritters can be made year round with whatever veggies are in season. Whether they’re packed full of cauliflower, zucchini, pumpkin or corn, there’s a fritter recipe out there for the fussiest eater. If you’re really looking for veggies galore, why not go all in with our Veggie Fritter recipe? It’s got five different vegetables all in one.

  • Why the kids will love this recipe: These fritters are better than a regular burger, and they make eating veggies fun.
  • Perfect for: Weeknight dinners or weekend lunches.

Recipe here.

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Written by Editor Medibank

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