Medibank at Home

Where clinically appropriate eligible members can receive hospital care, rehab, chemo, dialysis, infusions, cardiac rehabilitation and palliative care at home~.

person doing knee strengthening exercises with a physio in their home

What is Medibank at Home?

When it comes to care, whether it is recovery or treatment, we believe that every person deserves to feel supported and have greater choice and flexibility.

Medibank at Home is a range of programs that gives eligible members the choice of whether they receive care in a hospital or in the comfort of their own homes, when their doctor considers it clinically appropriate.~

What programs are available?

Medibank at Home includes the following programs for members with eligible cover and where clinically appropriate.~

doctor with an elderly patient at home

Hospital at Home

Hospital at Home allows suitable patients to leave hospital early and continue their care at home, when their doctor considers it clinically appropriate. There are many conditions that can be treated at home including skin conditions or inflammations such as cellulitis; wounds, ulcers and stomas; infections such as pneumonia and urine infections; blood clots in the legs or lungs; conditions that require long term antibiotics such as bone and joint infections.

In this program you'll get:

  • hospital care delivered in the comfort of your home by registered health professionals.
Athlete Nicole Livingstone completing rehab at home

Rehab at Home

Rehab at Home* allows eligible members to receive this treatment in the comfort their own home, where clinically appropriate. Available nationally.

In this program you'll get:

  • care delivered at home by a registered health professional
  • may include personal care, meals and domestic assistance
  • care coordination to support your recovery.
close up on an intravenous infusion

Infusions at Home

Intravenous infusions for members with certain chronic conditions. Available in greater metro Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide, and select areas of regional New South Wales and Queensland.

In this program you'll get:

  • care led by experienced nurses
  • patient coordination
  • collection and transport of pharmaceuticals and equipment.
close up of person checking blood pressure

Heart Health at Home

A cardiac rehabilitation program delivered by phone and app. Available nationally.

In this program you'll get:

  • weekly coaching sessions
  • support and counselling
  • tailored programs to increase your physical activity
  • access to Medibank's Heart Health App.
close up of palliative care patient being  cared for

Palliative Care at Home

Giving you the choice of where you would like to receive end-of-life care, where clinically appropriate. Available in metro Brisbane, Townsville, metro Perth, and Northern Sydney.

In this program you'll get:

  • a team who have extensive experience in palliative care, including doctors, nurses, counsellors, and pastoral care workers
  • physical, emotional, spiritual, and social support for the person undergoing treatment and their family.
close up of a smiling chemo patient

Chemo at Home

Chemo at Home gives members greater choice over where they receive their cancer treatment, where clinically appropriate. Available in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, metro New South Wales and metro Queensland.

In this program you'll get:

  • chemotherapy treatment delivered by a registered health professional
  • care coordination and support.
close up of haemodialysis treatment

Dialysis at Home

A program to support members with chronic kidney disease by providing dialysis in the comfort of your home. Available in metro Melbourne, metro and outer Sydney, metro Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, South Australia and select areas of regional Victoria and New South Wales.

In this program you'll get:

  • haemodialysis treatment delivered by registered health professionals
  • care coordination and support.

Hear from our members

Hear from two Medibank members who have participated in our Rehab at Home program and Chemo at Home .

Nicole's Rehab at Home story

Two partial knee replacements at the age of 49 left Nicole with incredible uncertainty in her physical mobility, and her resilient mindset was going to be more important than ever before.

Ken's Rehab at Home story

Ken had a left knee total joint replacement. When the time came for a right knee replacement, Ken, with the support of his treating doctor, had the choice to do his post-surgery rehab in the hospital, or at home.*

Extra support, no extra cost

Medibank members with hospital cover can access a whole range of health programs, services and support, at no extra cost.

Icon Medical


Living with a chronic condition can be difficult. Find out how Medibank is supporting members with their health through our CareComplete programs.#

Icon Hospital

Hospital Assist

To help you prepare for and recover from hospital admission, eligible members can access support over the phone from our Health Concierge clinicians, or visit the online hub for helpful tips and tools.^

Icon 24 by 7 Emergency

Health advice that never sleeps

Members with eligible hospital cover can chat with experienced and qualified health professionals over the phone via our 24/7 Mental Health Advice Line and our 24/7 Medibank Nurse.^

Things you should know

~   Must have eligible hospital cover, all relevant waiting periods must have been served and treating doctor must consider it appropriate. Out of pocket expenses may apply. Chemotherapy, palliative, infusion and dialysis program not available in all areas.

*    For eligible hospital members who have served waiting periods. Treating doctor must consider it appropriate. Additional treatment may incur out-of pocket-costs. 

‡    Depending on availability/location and clinical suitability.     

^   OSHC members should call the Student Health & Support Line on 1800 887 283

#    Available in most major metropolitan and regional areas. Not available in the Northern Territory.