Get organised

Take some time to get organised before you go to hospital. The more you can do ahead of time, the easier life will be when you get home.

Plan to take it easy at first

Although you may be going home on the same day, you’ll need some time to rest and recover—especially during the first 24 hours when anaesthetic or other medicines may still be lingering. This means you might feel groggy and extra tired and your judgement may not be at its finest, so don’t plan to make important decisions and stay clear of alcohol. You also won’t be able to drive or use heavy machinery—so make sure help is on hand if you need it.


Getting organised for hospital

Arrange transport home

You’ll probably need someone to accompany you home from hospital—some hospitals won’t even do the procedure if you haven’t organised this.

Organise support

If you have kids, plan childcare or a babysitter to be available.

You may need help with household chores, shopping, day-to-day activities or transport once you get home.  If you live alone, try to arrange for someone to stay with you for at least the first 24 hours after you get home from hospital. If you don’t have a support system you can rely on, talk to your doctor.

Attack the washing

Do all the laundry before going to hospital and make sure you have lots of comfortable clothing set aside for your recovery time.

Stock up your freezer

Have some favourite foods ready-made for when you get home. Prepare extra meals to freeze so you can eat well without effort. Soups, stews, lasagne, curries, beans, chickpeas and tomato-based sauces all freeze well.  One idea is to make double portions of everything you cook now, and pop the leftovers in the freezer.

Visit Live Better for freezer-friendly recipes, like these soup recipes.


Make plans with work

Talk to your doctor about how much time you’re likely to need off work. If you are employed, discuss your leave entitlements and ask about flexible arrangements.

Ask for and accept help

Your friends and family will want to help—let them! Ask them to make you a meal, help with transport after surgery, accompany you to an appointment, pick up kids if you have them, help take care of pets or walk the dog—let people know what you need and accept their offers.

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