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Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Founder, Back In Motion
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7 reasons to see a physio before you get injured

Experts — Posted 12/03/14

Prevention really is the best remedy when it comes to injury management, physiotherapist Jason Smith explains.

The first step of injury management is doing all you can to prevent an injury in the first place. Physiotherapists are not solely focused on the assessment and treatment of injuries – they are also university-trained experts in the prevention of human movement disorders.

As a physiotherapist, I cannot stress to you enough the importance of working towards preventative health and the ways in which your physiotherapist can assist with this.

Here are seven reasons to see your physiotherapist before you get injured.

1. Prevention is better than cure

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Don’t wait for pain before paying attention to your health. You can make the choice to work towards preventing declining health and micro-tissue damage by working with your physiotherapist now, before pain strikes.

2. The absence of pain does not equate to the absence of injury

The danger with using pain alone as a reliable indicator of injury or sickness is that more often than not it’s a delayed signal – by the time you feel pain, damage may have already been done that is harder to treat. Pain is generally not a sudden reaction but the result of an enduring problem that gradually builds over time.

3. Your health is an investment

Just as you would invest time and money into maintaining your vehicle, treat your body with the same care. Consider your body a vehicle that is engineered for a long life of peak performance and needs regular maintenance schedules with your physiotherapist to avoid breakdown. 

4. Optimal wellness is better than just being okay

If living an optimised physical lifestyle is important to you, then consider the meaning of wellness as ‘performing at your best’ rather than just feeling okay or without pain. While most of us now enjoy a longer life, if you are committed to optimal wellness you have the opportunity to make it a better one. 

5. Health is a journey, not a destination. Good health relies on consistency

Don’t think of it as something on your ‘to do’ list that gets crossed off and concluded. This journey is a lifelong pursuit, but has massive daily benefits – starting today if you want it to.

6. Your physio may offer more than you think

Your physio may be able to provide you with services beyond physiotherapy to assist in your quest for wellness. For example, at Back In Motion Health Group, our physios also offer Clinical Pilates, massage and personal training, among other services to work towards your wellness goals.Find out four things a physio can help you with that might suprise you here. 

7. A physio is a perfect partner in your efforts to achieve life-long optimal health

We have introduced what we call the Results4Life® philosophy of care which is a ‘wellness’ approach characterised by achieving long term, sustainable outcomes for the individual so that they can enjoy a healthy, injury-free lifestyle without that lingering threat of injury reoccurrence

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