Taking your pet on holidays

Many pets are delighted to be part of the family holiday, and it can be a great experience having them accompany you on your travels!

If you put some planning into it, taking your pet away on holiday with you can be lots of fun. There are many dog friendly places that allow you to bring your dog - ask friends or your vet for their recommendations, or look up ‘pet friendly holiday accommodation’ online.

Health check

You’ll need to ensure your pet’s vaccinations, flea and worming treatments are all up-to-date and ensure they are fine to travel. And if you’re going away for more than just a few days, take them to the vet for a general check-up.

Travel checklist

If you’re taking your pet in the car, here are a few handy travel tips:

  • Avoid feeding for two hours prior to leaving
  • Encourage toilet time before leaving home
  • Use a harness or an approved pet crate/cat cage inside the car
  • Stop for a break every two hours and always have fresh water in the car in case your pet needs a drink
  • Never leave your dog or cat unattended in a closed car
  • Make sure your dog’s ID is current and take a recent photo with you just in case

Flying with your pet

Taking your dog or cat on an aeroplane should be carefully considered. While some pets will cope fine, others who are prone to anxiety or are sensitive to loud noises will probably find the experience quite stressful.

Discuss any thoughts around sedating your pet with your vet before flying, although this is typically not encouraged.

There are also pet travel consultants who can help you make arrangements for both domestic and international pet travel. Search online or ask fellow pet owners who they have used or recommend.

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