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Raw cacao and cashew chocolate mousse cake recipe

Your sweet tooth won’t believe this yummy, chocolatey cake is sugar-free.




What to do

1. Blend all base ingredients until mixture is sticky and can be pressed together.

2. Press into a round spring form tin.

3. Place in the freezer.

4. Rinse soaked cashews and drain water.

5. Add to blender, Thermomix or high speed food processor and blend until smooth.

6. Add the rest of the ingredients and whizz until combined.

7. Pour on top of the crust and return to the freezer for 12 hours.

8. Move the cake from the freezer to the fridge 6 hours before serving so it can soften.

9. Alternatively you can cut the cake into portions when frozen and then just remove one piece at the time.

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