Live Better at Home

At Medibank, we know that caring for yourself helps you to care for those around you. That’s why we’ve created Live Better at Home.

We're encouraging all Australians to join our daily Eat, Move and Feel activities that will help us all stay active, stay healthy and Live Better at Home.

How do you live better?

Free virtual dance classes with Sydney Dance Company

Get ready for a mid-week dance party in the comfort of your own home!
Join us on the last Wednesday of each month at 7pm AEST for a virtual dance class with the Sydney Dance Company on the Medibank Facebook page.

Classes are designed for all ages and all abilities, and this is a judgment-free zone!

Mindful meditations
with Emily Toner

Join our Live Better expert Emily Toner every Friday morning at 8.30am for a free live meditation on the Medibank Facebook page and start your day with positivity and calm. What a great way to end the week!

How do you live better?

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Meet our experts

Tim Robards

Tim is a qualified chiropractor and founder of The Robards Method – a program designed to simplify the approach to optimal health.

Emily Toner

Emily is a clinical psychologist with a research background in behavioural neuroscience and positive psychology from The University of Melbourne.

Steph Prem

Steph is a former winter Olympian, an entrepreneur and a leading expert on women's health and fitness.

Dr Michael Mosley

Dr Michael Mosley is a world renowned science presenter, journalist and author of best-selling books, including The Fast 800 and Fast Asleep.

Live Better activities

Supporting free, active and social activities in communities across Australia to help you live better.

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