Physiotherapist Charissa Fermelis demonstrates a stretch for your arms, shoulders and back.


How to

    1. The backward roll, when performed correctly, resembles a wheel in motion where the axis of the wheel is the shoulder joint.
  1. Lie with your bottom down on the mat and your head and shoulders back, and place your hands next to your ears with your elbows pointed towards the sky.
  2. Send your legs to the ceiling and over your head to land on the floor behind you, before pushing up strongly with your arms to end in a downward dog pose.
  3. Use your deep breathing technique in the final push with your arms to assist the momentum.


This is quite an advanced movement sequence involving a coordinated mixture of flexibility, strength and control. A good indication for your readiness to progress to this movement sequence is the ability to confidently perform a shoulder stand and downward dog.

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