Claiming for Extras offline

Offline claims are for services you haven't paid for yet, or services that you can't claim online; some people also just prefer offline claims. Making an offline claim is easy – simply follow the instructions below.

If you're not sure whether you're eligible to claim, you can check your cover summary, as well as limits and waiting periods, on My Medibank online, or the My Medibank app.

Before you start your offline Extras claim, make sure you have:

How to make an offline claim

    1. Download claim form

      Download this Claim Form, ready to fill in with your details.

    2. Fill in member and claim information

      Fill in the member information (either for yourself or the person on the policy you’re claiming for), then fill in requested claim information. Under Claim Type select “Extras”. 

    3. Sign and date

      Sign and date the declaration, at the bottom of the page.

    4. Attach documents

      Include the required documents (outlined in checklist above) to support your claim.

    5. Submit

      Post your completed claim form and documents to: Medibank, Medical and Extras Claims, Reply Paid 2984, GPO BOX 2984, Melbourne VIC 3001.

      Alternatively, submit your completed claim form and documents in person at a Medibank store.

Download the My Medibank app

Frequently Asked Questions

Other ways to make a claim

My Medibank app

Install the My Medibank app on your phone for simple, convenient claiming on the go.


Make online Extras claims on My Medibank. If you don't have a My Medibank account, register now in two easy steps.

Membership card

Most extras providers offer the convenience of claiming on the spot using your membership card.

Digital claiming

Claim on the spot using your digital membership card, now available on Android devices including mobile phones and smart watches.


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Things you should know: 

If you’re on Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), please visit OSHC Help & Support to find out more about claiming for Extras, or call our OSHC 24/7 Student Health and Support Line on 1800 887 283

Claims submitted in store will be processed separately (at a later date) and pay benefits to you, the hospital or the provider, as appropriate.

Some claims, like paper based, may take longer to update.

Following the government changes on 1 April 2019, all private health insurers are no longer permitted to pay benefits towards some natural therapy services. Read more about the changes to some natural therapies.