The top 3 apps to help with stress and anxiety

Researchers at Deakin University assessed more than 40 mental health apps and the results are in.

Help with stress and anxiety is only a tap away thanks to the thousands of mental health apps available. These apps can be a convenient way to help manage your mental health because you can learn self-coaching, breathing exercises and meditation. 


But with so many apps available, with varying degrees of quality, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best.  

The Medibank Better Health Foundation commissioned Deakin University to assess more than 40 mental health apps and determine the best ones to manage stress and anxiety.

So, what were the top apps?

1. Clear Fear

Clear Fear is an app developed for teenage mental health charity stem4 and teaches users to learn to breathe, relax and be mindful as well as changing thoughts and behaviours. However, researchers noted that minors should use the app with the supervision or support from parent or carer.  

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2. Headspace Meditation and Sleep  

Headspace Meditation and Sleep is an app designed for adults to help with stress and anxiety through guided meditation and mindfulness exercises. Individuals under the age of 18 need the involvement and consent of a parent or legal guardian.   

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3. Smiling Mind  

Smiling Mind is a free mindfulness meditation app developed by psychologists and educators. The app offers a wide range of guided meditations for all ages and offers programs designed for classrooms, workplaces, sporting clubs and bedtime.

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How were the apps assessed? 

Deakin’s Health E-technologies Assessment Lab Framework for Mobile Health Evaluation (D-HEAL FMHE) helps organisations assess and recommend the best health apps to consumers in Australia. 

The D-HEAL FMHE framework assesses: clarity of purpose of each app, user experience, accessibility, value, content and information validity, privacy, security, ethics and legal, technical features, interoperability, user engagement and developer credibility. 

Most importantly, each app is evaluated based on how it provides mental health support without direct clinical intervention. 

“Apps can provide benefits that traditional support channels cannot offer,” says researcher Dieu Nguyen. 

“Such as the ability to use them at their convenience, no travel costs, self-coaching via non-medical approaches, and customisation of app features for their preferences in most instances.” 

These apps are a great place to start if you’re keen to find one to help with stress and anxiety but there’s a few things to keep in mind when you sign up. 

“As a starting point, looking at the app description is very important to check whether the app contents and functionalities described actually meet the consumer’s needs and expectations,” says researcher Sithara Wanni Arachchige Dona. 

“Most importantly, consumers need to look for developer credibility and the privacy and security aspects of a mental health app,” says research team member Mary Rose Angeles.

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