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Healthy school lunchbox ideas

Healthy kids are happy kids with this innovative school lunch ideas.

Healthy school lunchbox ideas

A healthy lunchbox goes beyond just filling hungry tummies. It also helps to keep kids focused, alert and fuelled with the nutrition needed for growing bodies.

We’ve rounded up some fun, practical and tasty lunchbox combos to try – many of which can double as weeknight dinner and afternoon tea ideas.

Feeling the chill of winter? Swap out main meal items for a lunch thermos filled with hot pumpkin soup or thick dahl to keep away the cold.

Lunchbox one 

• Chopped apple sprinkled with cinnamon

• 2 x wholegrain crackers with tasty cheese

• 2 x rice paper rolls with vermicelli noodles, capsicum, carrot and cucumber

• 2 x Thai fish cakes

• Refillable water bottle

Lunchbox two 

• Fruit salad of chopped apple, kiwi, orange and banana

• Snowpea dippers with hummus

• Yoghurt pot with seeds and chia sprinkles

• Wholegrain sandwich with chicken, spinach, avocado and Swiss cheese

• Refillable water bottle

Lunchbox three

• Chopped banana and sultanas

• Grilled corn on the cob

• Wholemeal pasta with beans, bocconcini and tomato

• 2 x Teriyaki chicken mini meatballs

• Refillable water bottle

Lunchbox four 

• Mandarin and kiwi fruit

• Celery stick filled with cream cheese and sultanas

• Thermos of warm minestrone soup with wholemeal noodles, carrots, chickpeas and zucchini

• 2 x mini pumpkin and lentil rolls

• Refillable water bottle


For more tips on a healthy lunchbox for the littlie’s, listen now below.

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