It can be hard to motivate yourself to make a home cooked meal at the end of a long day. Here’s some easy, go to recipes to keep you away from the take out!

There’s nothing more satisfying than making a healthy, home-cooked dinner from scratch. It’s the ultimate reward after a long, busy day. However, when you’re tired or short on inspiration it’s easy to fall back on ordering in or grabbing some pre-packaged food on the way home.

With that in mind we've gathered 5 healthy options for an easy and nutritious weeknight dinner. Give them a go this week.

Stuffed Roasted Eggplant Rolls

Eggplant Parmigana

A lower carb version of the beloved lasgnana, this dish is quick to prepare and uses few ingredients. You could even prepare it in the morning or the night before so all you have to do at the end of the day is pop it in the oven.

You could even double the quantities and enjoy some leftovers for lunch the next day – it tastes just as good reheated or even cold!

Top tip: if you’re avoiding dairy, replace the mozzarella with a vegan cheese or even with pre-roasted pumpkin for a creamy effect, no cheese required!

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Roasted Vegetables

Sounds simple – because it is! But it’s also delicious and very versatile. Adding ingredients like wild garlic, fresh herbs and seasoning really livens this dish up. It’s also a great opportunity to try different kinds of veggies – just take a look at what’s in season! It’s a great way to get your five a day in.

Top tip: try adding some fresh salmon or some tofu to add a little protein

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Flatbread Pizza

This crowd pleaser is designed to inject a bit of fun into your weekday cooking. Pizza is always a winner, especially with this healthy makeover. Plus, you can mix it up, choosing your favourite toppings, trying new combinations and packing in that veggie goodness.

Top tip: if you’re cooking for a group, why not prep the bases and then let your guests pick the toppings?

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Easy, Cheesy quiche

As the name suggests, this recipe is certainly simple but it packs a punch in flavour and nutrition too.

This dish makes for great lunchbox leftovers and you can pair it with a fresh garden salad if you’re looking for an extra injection of greens. Short on time? Prep this in the morning and shove in the oven when you get home.

Top tip: Substitute spinach and pumpkin with corn kernels and bacon, or leftover roasted vegetables for easy alternatives.

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Delicious pasta with cheese, food top view

Mushroom ragu pasta

A wholesome, filling dish for when only carbs will do. The olive oil and garlic in this recipe is so tasty and it’s a guaranteed winner for an evening in. Whilst this recipe is best enjoyed with a wide variety of mushrooms (go wild, you won’t regret it) it also works just as well with one type so, if you’re scouring the shelves for porcini, remember keeping it simple is definitely an option.

Top tip: try switching to a zucchini noodle if you’re looking for lighter option

Get the recipe here

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