How to train for a marathon

Dr Dave Martin shares his best tips for training success.

Written by Dr Dave Martin
fitness woman runner trail running on seaside mountain stairs, training for cross country running.

We caught up with Dr Dave Martin at the 2XU X:Level Training Camp at the AIS for some advice on training for a marathon.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, Dr Martin says, the first important point is to be realistic in your initial approach – and to pace yourself “Most people are incredibly enthusiastic for the first three, four, maybe five days a week and after that they get injured, they lose motivation or they get sick,” he says.

Watch and find out what else he told us about maintaining momentum in your marathon training.

Written by Dr Dave Martin

Dr Dave Martin is a Senior Sports Physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport. His specialties include fatigue management, performance modelling and altitude training.

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