Child, Student and Adult Dependants explained

Here's some information on the differences between Child, Student and Adult Dependants.

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You can still be included on your parents' health insurance as a Child Dependant until you turn 21 or, in some cases, as a Student Dependant or an Adult Dependant until you turn 31, provided you're not married or in a de facto relationship.

Below is a guide to the different stages in your teens, twenties and early thirties when you may want to think about private health insurance.

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What are the common hospital procedures for someone like you?

Our interactive tool reveals the common procedures, what you might pay out-of-pocket and how health insurance could help manage the costs.

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How much extra tax could you pay without hospital cover?

Use the Medicare Levy Surcharge Calculator to find out if you're eligible, or discover how much extra tax you may be paying by not having Hospital cover for a full tax year.#

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Understanding Health Insurance

Health insurance can be tricky to understand. To help, we have put some handy guides together to get you started.

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# Where annual income for Medicare Levy Surcharge purposes is over $97,000 as a single (or $194,000 as a couple/family).

Medibank Private Limited cannot advise on financial or tax matters. Any information provided to you is general in nature and does not take account of your individual circumstances. You should obtain your own independent financial advice.