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Dr Dave Martin

Dr Dave Martin

Sports physiologist
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How to track your training performance

be. Training Guide — Posted 11/06/14

Measuring your training progress is a great way to boost motivation and improve results. Sports physiologist Dr Dave Martin tells us how…

The Australian Institute of Sport has world-class labs and research centres to monitor and track the performance of its athletes – but it also advocates simple techniques to empower you to measure your training at home, making it easier to reach your fitness goals. “You can pick out measures of importance and start tracking them and keep your own log, and it can be very motivational,” says Dr Dave Martin, AIS Senior Sports Physiologist.

Dr Dave Martin’s top ideas for tracking your training

• Weekly time trial. How fast can I run 5 km? Find out once a week.

• Body weight . Take note each week to observe changes.

• Training log. Simple and effective –jot it down in a diary.

Extra   We spoke with Dr Martin at the 2XU X:Level Training Camp, held at the AIS. Find out more lessons we learned there!
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