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Breathtakingly-beautiful national parks, epic skiing, world-class wineries, relaxing beaches and buzzing modern cities - our New Zealand neighbours have squeezed it all in across their North and South Islands. Whether you’re taking a summer getaway or a winter break, there is plenty to see, do and enjoy.

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Your online guide to experiencing the best of New Zealand

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Slap on in summer

During the summer months, even if it doesn’t feel particularly hot, you should apply sunscreen at least a couple of times a day. And make sure it’s water-resistant if you’re planning a swim.

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Do you need a visa?

As an Australian you are automatically granted a tourist visa so there's one less thing to worry about

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Pre-visit vaccinations

If your vaccinations are up-to-date in Australia then you most likely won’t need anything to travel to New Zealand.

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Drive with care 

Generally, New Zealand has a temperate climate. However, storms can hit with little notice and make the road dangerous to drive on. The roads can become especially hazardous during the winter months (June - August) with snow in areas like the central North Island and alpine passes in the South Island.

Black Ice is a thin sheet of ice on the road that is dark, making it very difficult for drivers to see. To combat this driving danger, look out for shiny wet patches on the road and if they do appear, drive slowly and avoid breaking suddenly.

If you are hiring a car and you have an accident, our International Comprehensive Plan automatically covers a rental car insurance excess of up to $6,000. 

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Drink away

New Zealand tap water is safe to drink. So save the environment and your hip pocket by drinking straight from the tap.

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Fancy a spot of skiing?

A lot of people hit New Zealand for skiing: think Mount Hutt, Whakapapa and Treble Cone. Adding snow sports coverage to your travel insurance can provide medical cover for accidents on the mountain.

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Try some Tip Top ice cream

Kiwis claim Tip Top ice cream is the best flavour in the southern hemisphere and hokey pokey is by far the biggest seller with over five million litres eaten annually.

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Winter Sports Cover 

A winter holiday to Wanaka or Mount Cook can be an amazing experience, but due to the increased chance of injury that comes with being on the slopes, additional cover is required.

This will help support any costs you may need covered for medical expenses and mountain transport if you are injured. Make sure you know what is and isn’t covered by your policy, even if you pay the extra premium you will not be covered if:

  • You are skiing or snowboarding outside the resort boundaries or in an out of bounds area within the resort
  • You are racing
  • You are participating in a professional capacity
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Be aware of earthquakes

Although volcanoes are beautiful to behold, there is a constant risk of earthquakes throughout New Zealand; in fact each year there are 150-200 quakes that are big enough to be felt. To stay safe, make sure you keep updated with local weather conditions. 

Navigating New Zealand with Medibank Travel Insurance

New Zealand is renowned for its incredible natural beauty, so you’ll have no shortage of amazing places to visit. And whether it be a trip to a Maori village, walking up a breathtaking volcano, or visiting Hobbiton™ it’s great to know you’ll be protected by Medibank Travel Insurance.

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