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Existing medical conditions

If you have an Existing Medical Condition (EMC), you can still purchase Medibank Travel Insurance provided you're not travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner.

Your policy won't automatically cover you for a number of existing medical conditions, including pregnancy, so you'll need to let us know about any conditions as part of your quote process.

In some circumstance we may be able to alter your policy or premiums to include cover for your Existing Medical Conditions.

What are existing medical conditions?

Existing Medical Conditions (EMC) can fall into three categories:

  1. Conditions we automatically include
  2. Conditions we need to assess
  3. Conditions which cannot be covered

For a multi-trip policy, an EMC is a new, recent or ongoing condition that occurred before taking out the initial policy or prior to subsequent trips.

Please refer to the Combined PDS / FSG for more details of the three categories and a list of Existing Medical Conditions we automatically include.

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