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Make the most of your Overseas Health Cover with Members’ Choice

Medibank’s Members’ Choice network can help you get better value from your Overseas Health Cover.

A physiotherapist treating a patient

Everyone loves getting great value, so we created the Members’ Choice network to help you get extra value from your overseas health cover.

When you’re going to be admitted for a hospital treatment or surgery, you may want to find out if your doctor works out of a Members’ Choice Hospital.

And when you’re using your extras, double check that you’ve chosen a Members’ Choice provider as you generally get better value compared to non-Members’ Choice providers. The extras network includes dentists, physios, chiros, podiatrists, optical retailers and more.

Members’ Choice Hospitals

We have arrangements with most private hospitals and day surgeries in Australia, known as Members’ Choice hospitals. Choosing a Members’ Choice hospital will generally reduce your out-of-pocket expenses compared to a non-Members’ Choice private hospital, because the amount you can be charged for the hospital admission is limited. This is as long as the service you receive is covered by our agreement with the hospital and is not Excluded under your cover. Getting your treatment at a private hospital outside the Members’ Choice network could mean higher out-of-pocket expenses.

You may still have to pay for any services or treatments that aren’t Included in your cover, any excess that applies to your policy, for any medications that aren’t covered under our agreement with the hospital, medical out-of-pocket expenses associated with your procedure or treatment in hospital, and for any gap payments that apply to prosthetics.

You can check to see which hospitals and day surgeries are in our Members’ Choice network online, or give us a call on 132 331. Alternatively, if you hold Medibank OSHC, you can call us on 134 148 or check for your nearest Members’ Choice hospital or day surgery here.

Members’ Choice providers

Although most overseas health covers do not include Extras cover, (excluding Top 85 Working Visa health cover), if you have purchased Extras cover in addition to your overseas health cover, you can take advantage of our network of Members’ Choice providers. Whether you’re looking to have your annual dental check-up, to get a new pair of glasses or to have a remedial massage or get in a physio session, using a Members’ Choice provider is the key to getting more from your cover*.

Choosing a Members’ Choice provider for your extras generally means that you’ll pay less in out-of-pockets costs than you would if you used a provider outside our network. Most prices charged are capped, so you can find out how much you will have to pay upfront.

Here’s an example of how you might do better with a Members’ Choice provider.

Elizabeth has Top Extras 70 cover and lives in NSW. The table below shows, typically, how much she could save when she visits a Members’ Choice physiotherapist for a consultation.

Benefits are subject to annual membership limits and waiting periods. 
#Average charge in NSW for a subsequent physiotherapy consultation between July – Sept 2016

Plus, if you have Medibank Extras cover, you get 100% back on an annual dental check-up and clean (excluding x-rays) at any Members’ Choice dentist^. You can find your nearest Members’ Choice dentist, or other Extras providers in our Members’ Choice network online.

Our Members’ Choice network is another way that Medibank is helping you to be better. You need to know that our agreements with Members’ Choice providers are subject to change without notice. Make sure that you double check that you’ve chosen a Members’ Choice provider before making an appointment or having treatment. Also be sure to check your cover for any limits and waiting periods.



* Up to annual limits, waiting periods apply. Excludes some items.
^ 2 month waiting period applies.

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