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These fresh, veggie-filled rice paper rolls are so much fun to make.

Makes: 30 small rice paper rolls
Fresh from the garden: Bean sprouts, carrots, coriander, cucumber, eggs, garlic, lettuce, lime, Thai basil/Vietnamese mint

Making rice paper rolls is a good skill to have. It might take a bit of practice at first but you’ll quickly get the hang of folding the rice paper over the ingredients so it’s firm but doesn’t rip.

Dipping sauces are also really easy to make – just remember to try to balance the flavour so it’s not too salty, not too sweet.


Nothing beats using your own fresh produce or materials around the house.
If you’re missing a thing or two, tick the items you need to add to your shopping list.
  • For the dipping sauce
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    What to do

  • 1. Put a saucepan of water on to boil.

  • 2. Prepare all of the ingredients based on the instructions in the ingredients list.

  • 3. Cook the vermicelli by adding it to the boiling water for 1–2 minutes, then drain and allow to cool.

  • 4. Mix together 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of fish sauce and 1 teaspoon of palm sugar in a medium bowl. Marinate the tofu in this mixture.

  • 5. Whisk the eggs in the other medium bowl with a splash of soy sauce and fish sauce.

  • 6. Heat the wok and add the oil. Pour the egg mix into the hot wok and cook on a high heat until the mix is cooked right through and looks like a big omelette.

  • 7. Remove from the wok, place on the chopping board and slice into long slivers.

  • 8. Half fill the large, shallow bowl with warm water.

  • 9. Dip a rice paper wrapper into the water and remove after 15 seconds. Place the wet rice paper wrapper flat onto a clean workbench or chopping board.

  • 10. Place a small amount of vermicelli noodles, then a small amount of each ingredient onto the bottom third of the rice paper.

  • 11. Roll over once, tuck the loose ends into the roll and then roll up.

  • 12. Spread crunchy cos or iceberg lettuce leaves in a layer on the serving platter.

  • 13. Stack the rice paper rolls onto your platter of lettuce to serve.

  • 14. For the dipping sauce, mix all the dipping sauce ingredients together in a small serving bowl. Serve alongside the rice paper rolls.

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