Use as a dip alongside flatbread wedges, or as a sauce on steamed vegetables.

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Serves:  6
Fresh from the garden:  Coriander, corn, green capsicum, red capsicum, spring onion
Season:  Summer/Autumn


Nothing beats using your own fresh produce or materials around the house.
If you’re missing a thing or two, tick the items you need to add to your shopping list.


What to do

  • 1. Slice the 2 capsicums finely.

  • 2. Carefully slice the corn kernels from the cob.

  • 3. Slice the spring onions into long lengths.

  • 4. Dry-fry the cumin and coriander seeds for 1 minute, then add the oil.

  • 5. Add the onion and capsicum and fry for 5 minutes.

  • 6. Add and stir through the corn kernels, cover with the lid and cook for 5–7 minutes. Then take off the heat and leave, covered, to steam for a few minutes.

  • 7. Taste for seasoning, adding salt and pepper if necessary.

  • 8. Tear up the coriander and sprinkle over the salsa before serving.

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