Netball's elite spill their secret ingredients to keep you bouncing through the day.

Refreshing milkshakes or smoothies: White (banana), green (apple and kiwi) and berries; with fresh fruits. On a white wooden table, copy space

We asked the stars of the Super Netball League for their top smoothie combos. Delicious and packed with nutrients - we know you'll love these oh-so-creamy treats.


Sarah Wall, GIANTS Netball: Green smoothie

  • 1 apple
  • ½ banana
  • Handful of berries of your choice
  • 1 cup spinach or kale
  • ½ squeezed lemon
  • A splash of coconut water or just water
  • A sprinkle of chia seeds

Method: Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy. Enjoy!


Abbey McCulloch, NSW Swifts: Naturally sweet pink smoothie

  • 2 cups watermelon
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 cup Greek or natural yoghurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 cup ice cubes

Method: Combine all the ingredients in a blender. Serve immediately or chill before consuming.


Laura Scherian, Sunshine Coast Lightning: Coco-mango smoothie

  • 1 cup coconut milk (you can also use coconut water or other milk as an option)
  • ½ cup of plain Greek yoghurt (coconut yoghurt can be used for a dairy free option)
  • 2 cheeks of frozen mango
  • 1 handful of baby spinach
  • ¼ an avocado
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • Raw honey to taste

Method: Blend all ingredients, drink immediately.


Sasha Glasgow, Adelaide Thunderbirds: Strawberries and cream smoothie

  • 3-4 strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon acai
  • ¼ of a mango
  • Almond milk to your preferred consistency
  • 1 tablespoon maca powder
  • 1 tablespoon lacuma powder
  • Vegan vanilla protein

Method: Mix all ingredients. Serve with ice blocks for a chilled delight.

Verity Charles

(Image by Ashton Murpy)

Verity Charles, West Coast Fever: PBBC smoothie

  • 25 g peanut butter
  • 1 x frozen banana
  • 1 x scoop of choc protein powder
  • Half cup water
  • Ice cubes (as many as you like)

Method: Blitz ingredients and voila!


Liz Watson, Melbourne Vixens - Banana green smoothie mix

  • ½ frozen banana
  • Handful of spinach
  • 2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt
  • ¾ cup rolled oats
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • 1 cup of almond milk

Method: Add ingredients to blender. Mix and serve.

Gretel Tippett

Gretel Tippett, Queensland Firebirds: Power smoothie recipe

  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • ½ a cucumber
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup spinach leaves
  • 1 spoon morlife greens powder
  • Handful of goji berries
  • Squeeze of lemon

Method: Mix all ingredients, combine till smooth and enjoy.


Kim Ravaillion, Magpies Netball: Energising smoothie recipe

Method: Blend all ingredients and get ready to go!

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