Mumma’s barley stew recipe

A warming, nourishing root vegetable stew, with the delicious flavours of thyme, cinnamon and bay leaves.

Written by Matt and Lentil
  • Serves: 4


Nothing beats using your own fresh produce or materials around the house.
If you’re missing a thing or two, tick the items you need to add to your shopping list.

What to do

    1. Add a generous splash of oil to a large cast-iron pot over medium heat. Add the onion, celery, thyme, sage, cinnamon and bay and sauté for about 5 minutes until the onion has softened. Add the garlic, soy, parmesan rind, bones and barley (if using pot barley, add it after the vegetables have been browned) and fry for about 10 minutes until the bones change colour, adding a few splashes of wine as needed to stop it from sticking.

    2. Add the sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot and fry for 5 minutes to slightly brown (or if using pot barley, add it now with the soaking liquid and 1 litre of water). Add 1.5 litres of water and cover. Bring to the boil, then reduce to a low simmer and cook for 3–4 hours (no stirring required).

    3. Your stew is ready when it has formed a crust, but still has liquid underneath when peeled back. If not, uncover and reduce until a crust forms (or if you like it super soupy, leave as is). The barley should be soft but not overcooked. Remove the bones and season to taste. Serve with a fresh salad on the side.

Written by Matt and Lentil

Matt and Lentil are gardeners, farmers and the authors of two cookbooks, Grown & Gathered and The Village.

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