From hiking to extreme sports to yoga retreats, there are so many ways to combine travel and fitness. Here are a few ideas to try.

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Imagine returning from your next holiday feeling fit and healthy and ready to tackle whatever life brings your way. With a range of different holiday options available, this could be your reality.

From hiking to extreme sports to yoga retreats, there’s a huge variety of holiday packages on offer that allow you to build your holiday around wellness and exercise.

Different packages incorporate different activities, catering for a variety of budgets, exercise levels and group sizes – including some great solo adventures for those looking for a little ‘me’ time.

Of course, another option is to design your own experience. Perhaps you might like to see what local sporting events are available on your next trip, or you may have a holiday already planned that you could incorporate a local hike or walking tour into, combining both exercise and exploration.

The benefits of an exercise based holiday can be far-reaching. As well as the obvious physical rewards, such as building fitness and strength and an increased sense of general wellbeing, there’s also the fun and excitement of a new experience.

What’s more, you might find these types of holidays good for strengthening connections with friends and family. (There’s nothing like an endurance race, for example, for bonding!)

On the other hand, if you’d like to make your next holiday a solo adventure and are feeling social, there are lots of exercise based holidays that provide plenty of opportunity to meet new people and strike up great conversations.

Keep reading to choose your ‘exercise personality’ and discover some fun ideas on how to incorporate exercise or wellness activities into your next sojourn.

If you’re a Challenge Junkie, try:

  • Triathlons. What about an extreme sports competition, like a triathlon? If you’ve already clocked the local competition are looking for a new challenge you might like to time your next holiday with an interstate event. This could be a great way to test your limits, not to mention the bragging rights you’ll have when you return home!
  • Endurance races. Events like Tough Mudder are great for bonding and could easily be built into a group holiday for an experience no one will forget.
  • A marathon. With a bit of planning you could even incorporate an international marathon into your next overseas trip. What a great way to see a new city from a different perspective. Bring the family and encourage them to show their support by training with you in the lead up to the event.

If you’re an Adventure Bunny, try:

  • Water sports. If you’re looking for thrills and excitement, all whilst discovering the beauty of a different location, you might consider whitewater rafting in New Zealand.
  • Fishing adventure. What about a spearfishing trip in South Africa for an experience to remember?
  • Snow sports. Looking for a family-friendly adventure? Pack up the whole crew for trip to Mt Buller. With a range of difficulty levels accommodated and loads of lessons available, ski slopes provide something fun for everyone.

If you’re a Fresh Air Addict, try:

  • Local walking tours. Most major cities offer walking tours with a variety of focuses, such as architecture or laneway graffiti, run by passionate and knowledgeable locals. Even if you decide to make your next holiday a ‘staycation’, you can experience your own city from a totally new perspective.
  • Paddle boarding. Enjoy the ocean but looking for a low budget option at a more moderate pace? Paddle boarding has recently become a popular scenic activity and equipment hire is relatively inexpensive compared to some other activities.
  • Bike riding. A guided biking tour could allow you explore the local terrain, while learning more about the area. You might find you’re surprised at some of the breath-taking locations bike tours are readily available, including the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Great Wall of China!

If you’re a Zen Seeker, try:

  • A wellness retreat. You may find a health retreat that incorporates a variety of holistic treatments, including meditation and acupuncture, is just what the doctor ordered.
  • A yoga course. What holiday could leave you feeling more rejuvenated and centred than a yoga retreat? Bring a friend or use it as a chance to reconnect with yourself. Yoga will help improve strength, flexibility and mindfulness.

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